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Buyer services you can expect from Monroe County Real Estate are committed to in writing as follows. Our performance of these services is evaluated by you at the conclusion of your Real Estate transaction.

    • Honest forthright assistance in finding a home that meets your needs.
    • Preview homes with you and track your preferences.
    • Help prepare documents to offer to purchase the home you want, present offer, and keep you informed of offer’s acceptance, counter-offer or denial.
    • Help you find providers of services needed during your real estate transaction, i.e.: home inspectors, attorneys, lenders, title companies…
    • Keep you informed of any action you are required to perform to fulfill your contract.
    • Follow-up on all actions required by the seller to fulfill your contract.
    • Attend final walk through & closing.
    • Provide utility provider names numbers and instruction on switching service to your name.
    • After closing remain available to answer your questions and provide general information.

    With a Monroe County Real Estate Sales Associate, it is easy to find and purchase your new home.  Here is how it works.
  1. We calculate with you the best  budget for you to search for homes within.
  2. You apply for a mortgage Pre-Approval with the lender you like best
  3. We help you select homes to preview, set-up showings & track all your home preferences.
  4. You find the home you want to purchase
  5. We assist you to prepare an offer & present that offer to the seller or seller’s agent.
  6. Seller reviews your offer and will either accept, counter-offer, or not respond.

If offer is not accepted we will help you either prepare a new offer or go back to step one. When your offer is accepted we will then work towards your closing:

  1. You apply for a mortgage & order your home inspection (optional)
  2. Your lender begins processing the application and provides estimated closing and related costs
  3. You meet your home inspector at the home to get an oral summary of their findings and process.  They will provide you a complete written report usually within 3-5 days.
  4. You review your home inspection report.  You may accept the property as is, be released from your contract due to a defect found by the qualified inspector, or you can request the seller to make repairs or compensate you for repairs that are going to be needed. (Seller must agree in writing to make repairs or compensate)
  5. Your lending institution requests an appraisal of the home, title search, a credit report, and verification of employment and assets.
  6. You’ll receive an estimate of your loan costs in form of initial Truth in Lending Statement
  7. Once the lender approves the completed application we schedule your closing.

Before the closing we will walk through your new home with you to give a visual inspection that all the seller’s personal items are removed and it is in the condition required by your contract.

At the closing the lender will disburses funds to the closing agent, closing documents are signed and you are given all sets of the keys to your new home.

After the closing your documents are recorded at the County’s Recorder Office, you must switch all utilities into your name, and you must keep in touch with your friends at  Monroe County Real Estate!


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